Value Estimate

As healthcare systems transition to an emphasis on value over volume, nurses will be key to achieving the goals related to population health, clinical outcomes, quality metrics, and satisfaction scores.

We are the leading nurse-driven program that provides the principles and tools to stimulate organizational transformation in the culture and care of older adults. Given that 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, it is crucial that healthcare providers prioritize the unique needs of this population.

Learn more about how NICHE can add value to your organization and empower nurses as leaders in geriatric care. The following Value Estimate illustrates the return in cost savings a facility can realize by taking advantage of the resources the NICHE program provides.

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Without NICHE With NICHE
Leadership Training Program

6 week online program for teams of 3, includes 30 CEs

$0 $4,950
Annual Fee

Licensing, membership fee, access to all below

$0 $5,550
Education & Training

Online & Instructor LED Course

100 users, 4 Online courses, 30 CEs per user at $15 per CE

$55,500 $0

Webinars up to 100 users

25 users, 20 webinars, includes 1 CE per user at $99 per webinar

$49,500 $0

Webinars additional CEs

50 users, 20 webinars, 1 CE per user at $12 per CE

$12,000 $0
Project Management Tools

Organizational Strategies, Clinical Improvement Models, Implementation Models

$2,500 $0
Consulation & Review

Developing Action Plan and Sustaining NICHE Program

$10,000 $0

4 Day Conference, Includes 20 or more CEs

$800 $725
Collaboration, Support & Peer Advice


$130,300 $11,225

Team & Faculty