Program Overview

NICHE is unlike other programs in that it does not prescribe how institutions should modify geriatric care. Rather, it provides the resources and tools necessary to stimulate and support the planning and implementation process.

The focus of NICHE is on programs and protocols that are under the control of nursing practice. In other words, areas where nursing interventions have a substantive and positive impact on patient care. Over the years, NICHE has evolved into a collaborative, member driven organization.

NICHE Program Overview Team PictureThe NICHE program is affordable & comprehensive, and benefits hospitals & other healthcare organizations in a number of ways:

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Positive fiscal results
  • Enhanced nursing competencies
  • Community recognition
  • Greater patient, family, and staff satisfaction
NICHE provides hospitals and other healthcare organizations with:
  • State of the art training, tools & resources, including an interactive 24/7 eLearning center
  • Project management support/mentoring for NICHE based hospital initiatives and elder care services
  • Evidence based clinical protocols that address Joint Commission compliance and other regulatory imperatives
  •  Shared information, knowledge, and expertise

Hear from our NICHE hospitals and other healthcare organizations from across the country on gaining and sustaining support for their NICHE programs. The Campaign for NICHE: Making Quality Geriatric Care a Reality.

For the costs and benefits of a NICHE membership, please refer to our Value Estimate.

Value Estimate