Health and Wellness

  • National Adult Vaccination Program (NAVP)

    The National Adult Vaccination Program (NAVP), is a multi-stakeholder industry-supported collaboration to develop a cohesive strategic and policy approach to improve adult vaccination aligned with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


    What Does Medicare Cover?
    For the 2016-2017 season, the CDC recommends use of the Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (IIV) or the Recombinant Influenza Vaccine (RIV). The nasal spray influenza vaccine (Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV)) should not be used during 2016-2017.
    Influenza vaccination is promoted on your patients’ Medicare Summary Notices. Visit the Preventive Services website to learn more about Medicare-covered services.
  • National Patient Safety Foundation

    Led by the National Patient Safety Foundation, Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW) raises awareness about patient safety among health care professionals and the public.

    There are many ways to get involved. Partake of the numerous PSAW resources and educational materials to engage both colleagues and patients in your organization’s safety efforts.

    For more information on patient safety, download the Report of an Expert Panel Convened by The National Patient Safety Foundation.

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  • The Conversation Project

    The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.

    Too many people are dying in a way they wouldn’t choose, and too many of their loved ones are left feeling bereaved, guilty, and uncertain.

    It’s time to transform our culture so we shift from not talking about dying to talking about it. It’s time to share the way we want to live at the end of our lives. And it’s time to communicate about the kind of care we want and don’t want for ourselves.

    Check out the Conversation Starter Kit as a useful tool to help people have conversations with their family members or other loved ones about their wishes regarding end-of-life care. All are available to download for free.