Member Resources

  • Clinical Improvement Models

    NICHE Clinical Improvement Models provide a road map to system-level adoption of clinical best practices. A series of modules guide you in the research, planning, implementation, and evaluation phases of your own “best-fit” model. Modules are authored by experts in the field and supplemented by materials and expertise from experienced NICHE sites.

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  • Organizational Strategies

    NICHE Organizational Strategies are a series of toolkits designed to assist you in securing financial and organizational support for the NICHE program. These toolkits provide comprehensive guidance in the development of key initiatives within your organization that will ensure continuing improvement and sustained growth.

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  • Implementation Tools

    NICHE Implementation Tools provide the most current content for full development and implementation of NICHE in an acute care setting. Written and updated by experienced professionals from NICHE sites, NICHE faculty, and other experts, the tools detail a variety of approaches for adaptation of NICHE models to individual needs and circumstances and help healthcare professionals learn new clinical and organizational strategies.

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  • Operational Tools

    NICHE operational tools are designed to support hospital initiatives, information gathering, and compliance efforts related to the care of older adult patients. This assures hospitals and other healthcare facilities are meeting state-of-the-art quality and safety standards and healthcare professionals are applying best practice solutions and evaluating competencies expected in the care of older adult patients.

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  • Courses

    Courses include curriculums designed to provide the most current knowledge and skills in geriatric patient care to bedside nurses, patient care associates, and hospital personnel. Core curriculums include: Geriatric Resource Nurse (GRN), Gero Patient Care Associate (GPCA) and Introduction to Gerontology. Specialty curriculum includes: Critical Care Nursing of Older Adults and Nursing Care of the Older Adult with Cancer.

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