Leadership Training Program

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The Leadership Training Program (LTP) is a blended learning approach where participants engage in a rigorous six-week program delivered via a web-based platform and facilitated by the NICHE team. Offered several times a year, the program includes interactive conference calls, live and recorded webinars, mentoring by NICHE faculty, on-demand access to tools, benchmarking, guides for implementation, and much more. Register today for the NICHE Leadership Training Program.

During the six-week LTP your team will:

  • Engage in online webinars complemented by practice-based assignments
  • Work with NICHE faculty who facilitate online discussion forums, guide interactive calls and webinars and share experiences
  • Review the NICHE Planning and Implementation Guide
  • Develop an action plan for the hospital to implement the NICHE program
  • Learn clinical, financial and organizational measurement approaches to evaluate program effectiveness
  • Earn 30+ contact hours for continuing education credits
  • Leadership Training Program Overview

How Does the Leadership Training Program Work?

Hospitals interested in becoming a NICHE site complete steps 1 - 4 of the NICHE Designation Process and Register for the LTP.

Each individual hospital must register a core team for the Leadership Training Program. Multiple hospitals within systems must register a core team for each individual hospital. Please refer to NICHE Designation Process for more information.

Participants engage in a rigorous six-week program delivered via a web-based platform and facilitated by the NICHE team. The designated NICHE coordinator at each hospital receives tools to plan and prepare how the course will be delivered over the six-week period. All the tools and resources are provided to participants.
The LTP will give your team the opportunity to:

  • Have on-demand access to comprehensive program topics including: An overview of NICHE models, staff education; an introduction to the Geriatric Institutional Assessment Profile (GIAP); other clinical, financial, and organizational measurement approaches to evaluate program effectiveness.
  • Receive readings and assignments to guide the planning of NICHE implementation in your hospital from the NICHE Implementation and Planning Guide and the book Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice.
  • Develop an Action Plan, which will be reviewed and discussed with your team by a NICHE expert. This is an essential step in becoming a NICHE designated site.

Who Should Attend?

At a minimum: three people responsible for steering the initiative: a nurse clinician leader, a clinical educator, and an administrator or manager.

Recommended: in addition to above, direct care staff and other disciplines (medical, rehab, social work, pharmacy, etc.).

Cost to Attend

The cost of the Leadership Training Program for new sites is $4,950 per hospital, which covers the cost of the three initial participants and all program materials. Additional participants are $350 each. Existing NICHE sites can train additional staff members at a price of $1,650 each.

As an additional feature you will receive a Geriatric Institutional Profile (GIAP) at no cost.  The GIAP is a web-based survey utilizing a valid and reliable tool that is designed to assess a hospital’s readiness to implement geriatric healthcare programs. The GIAP measures nurse knowledge and attitudes toward older adults as well as the organizational attributes that support or constrain geriatric best practices. The results, which are benchmarked against other hospitals, assist in prioritizing educational and clinical initiatives.

Session Dates

There are three sessions each year for the Leadership Training Program, each six weeks long. The start dates are:


Session III: October 5, 2016


Session I: February 7, 2017
Session II: June 6, 2017
Session III: October 3, 2017

For more information about NICHE, email us at info@nicheprogram.org or tell us more about your hospital.