Guiding principles

NICHE Guiding Principles are based on gerontologic principles and were validated through research with patients, families and caregivers, clinicians, and administrators.

  • Evidence based, geriatric care at the bedside

    NICHE supports the implementation of a variety of best practices, including prevention and management of pain, pressure ulcers, adverse medication events, delirium, urinary incontinence, and falls.

    As an organization, we help nurses identify, interpret, and apply evidence based practice to optimize both care outcomes and the patient/family experience.

  • Patient/Family centered environments

    NICHE encourages the creation of physical and social environments that address the special needs of older adult patients and their families and caregivers that serve to maintain and enhance patient function.

    The physical environment is adaptable to age related changes and can include enhanced lighting, flooring, furniture, fixtures, beds, and more. Social aspects involve respectful communication, therapeutic interaction, and individualized activity interventions that can allay anxiety and stress.

  • Healthy and productive practice environment

    Nursing care of the older adult patients takes place within a complex healthcare delivery system. External and internal factors in the hospital environment play a significant role in impacting staff practices and the resulting clinical outcomes. NICHE hospitals and other healthcare organizations have found that the following factors influence the quality of care provided to older adults:

    • Values related to older adult and staff autonomy – NICHE training, protocols, and models promote leadership and critical decision making among staff and allow patients to have a say in the direction of their care
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration – NICHE promotes the use of interdisciplinary teams that cooperate and coordinate to ensure that care is comprehensive, effective, and continuous
    • Access to geriatric specific resources – NICHE offers a host of resources and tools that help bridge the geriatric healthcare knowledge and practice gaps
  • Multidimensional metrics of quality

    The measures of quality include patient outcomes, patient/family/staff satisfaction, cost-avoidance and compliance with regulations. These and other measures can be employed as part of a continuous quality improvement program.