• Ambien

    Ambien is a sedative prescribed to treat insomnia. Taken orally just before going to bed, Ambien helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.

    Ambien should only be prescribed for insomnia. It should be taken for short periods of time, usually less than 7-10 days.

    Lower doses of Ambien (5mg) and Ambien CR (6.25mg) are recommended for older adults. Older adults taking Ambien should be closely monitored for possible side effects and bad events such as confusion, dizziness, clumsiness, gait changes, depression and falls. According to the Mayo Clinic, when properly used there are no specific problems that would limit the usefulness of Ambien in older adults.

  • Beers Criteria

    Medications that are safe in younger persons aren’t necessarily safe in the older adult. The Beer’s criteria provide guidance for physicians and pharmacists to prevent the use of potentially inappropriate medications in adults over 65 years of age.

    Ask your healthcare provider if any of your drug prescriptions are on the Beers list. If one or more of them is on the list, request alternatives.


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